Welcome to: Guides.TF. This website was made to help you with the basics of competitive TF2. From how to get into competetive to how to rocket jump - a range of skills for a range of skill levels.

ETF2LThe European Team Fortress 2 League, ETF2L, site is the most popular 6v6 League in Europeas it is free and easy to sign up and play. Split into 4 divisions where Prem, the highest division, has a majority of its games streamed on twitch.tv/teamfortresstv. Open is where players start to play competitive; it is the lowest division and full of hundreds of newer players trying to improve and have fun. Mid is the next division up from open. It's full of more experienced players who want a more challenging experience than open. The second best division for ETF2L is High. It's for people who have spent countless hours practicing and when they are promoted they get into Prem. Prem is the highest skilled league in Europe and arguably the world. Every year there are three seasons of ETF2L played. It's free to join and everybody that is on a roster will get an in-game medal which can be worn on all classes.


For the last five years the last weekend in August TF2 has had a worldwide competition held in Birmingham, England which is hosted by Multiplay's Insomnia event. North America have taken three of the five but the European team Crowns eSports Club took the most recent title in August 2016. The team's roster was: Raymon as Medic, Spudd! as Demoman, Kaptain as Pocket Soldier, Drackk as Roaming soldier, Hafficool as Passive Scout and finally Starkie as Aggresive Scout. The team's leader and coach, Kaidus, had to step down from playing due to a wrist injury but still managed to lead the team to victory at i58. The only American team to attend the event was FROYOTECH, the champions of the last two iSeries events TF2 has competed in, came third this time round. A completely shifted roster from the previous events, still lead by the same leader Grant "B4nny" Vincent, played some great games but overall were outclassed by the European teams. Despite the longest journey out of all the teams that travelled the Australian team 'Jasmine Tea' came fourth continuing the Australians' amazing group stage performances and then dropping off in the knockouts.

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