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Guide #1

The Rocket Jump:

To play TF2 competitively at any level knowing the basics of movement is key. One of the most important aspects of this, especially for soldiers, is the rocket jump. To rocket jump you need to jump, shoot and crouch all mat the same time. A common way to practice this is to go onto a map such as cp_badlands which has highground seperately spaced on the middle point. Using the command 'map cp_badlands' in console will put you on a home server with 1 ping and allow the use of: 'sv_cheats 1' in console. This will allow you to use 'hurtme -9999' to make sure you dont die from self damage. As you can't do this in a match the item 'Gunboats' are very useful for making sure you get the most out of your jumps. Climb onto the highground with a crouch jump onto the train and then: Flick your mouse so that your aim is towards the ground, Shoot, crouch and jump at the same time. As soon as you've shot the rocket flick your mouse again so your aim is towards the second train. Continue practicing this movement until you've mastered it. When you can do it consistently on cp_badlands try to do it on 'cp_granary'. Using the console commands 'map cp_granary_pro_rc4', 'sv_cheats 1' and 'hurtme -9999' rocket jump to the middle point. When you've made it to the centre rocket jump upwards onto the big crates and then do the same as you did on cp_badlands here. Jump from one crate to a crate on the other side of the point.

After around thirty minutes of practicing another good way to improve your rocket jumping is to download a map called 'jump_beef'. To do this search 'jump beef download' in your browser and then click the first link to gamebanana and follow their instructions to install the map. Once you have the map ready to use open the console and put 'map jump_beef' in. Once you're in join blu team and then make your way through the left-most door. Use your jumping skills to make it through the map. Doing each door more than once can be a good idea too.

Here's a useful video to help with jump_beef!


Guide #2

Settings & Customization your game:

TF2 comes with a wide range of customizable features, such as:

The Heads-Up Display, or HUD - this is how your health, ammo and menus are displayed. A useful site for getting a custom HUD is HUDS.TF. They have a wide range of custom HUDs that often have install guides.

Hitsounds - Whenever you do damage a sound will play allowing you to know when you do damage.

A site I've used to get a hitsound is HIT.TF. They have a wide range of hitsounds that range from high to low pitch noises; this makes it simple for you to find your favourite.

Appearance of your game - Allowing you to use high graphics for your own appeal or low graphics for FPS boosting. A selection of these are avaliable from Chris' Config Set. These are text files which allow for Maximum FPS or Maximum graphics - and others inbetween these two versions so.


How to install custom HUDs:

To install a custom HUD (I recommend using m0rehud) You must locate your TF folder. It is found in Program Files x86 > steam > steamapps > common > Team Fortress 2 > TF. If you don't already have a folder inside called 'custom' create a new folder and call it 'custom'. Open this folder and then place the HUD folder inside. Ensure that the folder contains folders called 'resource, scripts and materials' and not a similar name to the original folder. If it doesnt show these three folders coontinue your way through the main folder until you find them. Once you've found them drag them into the previous folder (it should be immediately after custom) and delete any spare folders with nothing inside (if you don't keep the 'info' text file the HUD won't work, make sure it is in the same place as the material, resource and scripts folders. Once you've done this relaunch your game and it will be installed. The menus will be slightly different but once you've found your way around any changes it'll be greatly beneficial to improving your in-game experience!


Guide #3

Improving aim and MGE:

This is a guide for soldier mains - if you don't play soldier then this guide isnt't for you!

TF2 is a game primarily based around a player's individual mechanics: aim, movement and in-game skill and also the player's ability to make quick decisions and actions, especially in competitive. One of the fastest ways to improve quickly is to play a mod called My Gaming Edge, MGE for short. It is a map which takes the most important fight arenas from maps played in 6s competitive and allows you and one other to join that arena and battle 1v1 until one person has died 20 times. An MGE server that is commonly used is called GFM. .Here is a link that you can join a European server with. To join the server paste steam://connect/ - into your chrome browser and then allow it access to launch the app, it'll be TF2. When you've finished downloading the map and are in there is a way to make it simpler to join the server. Open the main menu and then go to -> Servers -> Favourites -> Add current server to favourites. Once the server is added you can simply open the server browser and connect quickly through the browser. Now you have the server added to your favourites press E twice to join spectators. When you're able to change who you're spectating open the chat box and type '!add'. This will allow you to join an arena. One of the best maps for starting out on is Badlands Middle, while in the menu press '4' to join it. You'll recogise this from 'Guide #1 The Rocket Jump'. It has simple ways to succeed, stay on the train and then try to dodge enemy rockets and hit yours. The best way to travel around the map is to rocket jump so make sure you can do that before you're attempting to play MGE. Another good map for beginners is Granary Middle. Again this was a practice map on 'Guide #1 The Rocket Jump'. To join the arena press '2' on the '!add' menu. Again, the same principle as badlands middle - stay on the highest crate while dodging and trying to shoot your opponent.

REMEMBER! MGE is used by almost all skill levels, from beginner, to pro and is played to imrpove - so don't be discouraged if you lose!



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